Marine Species List
  The systematic list below, of the animal kingdom, is not complete. Updates are made as digital files become available. We also supply a range of macroalgae. Please contact us for specific species or requests.  
  Phylum Porifera, (Sponges).  
  Phylum Cnidaria, (Cnidarians).  
    Class Staurozoa,   
    Class Scyphozoa, (Jellyfish).  
    Class Anthozoa, (Corals).  
      Subclass Hexacorallia, (Stony Corals, Cup Corals, Black Corals, Thorny Corals, Cerianthids and Anemones).  
      Subclass Octocorallia, (Gorgonians, Seapenns and Soft Corals).  
    Class Hydrozoa, (Hydroids).  
  Phylum Ctenophora, (Comb jellies).  
  Phylum Platyhelminthes, (Flatworms).  
    Class Turbelaria, (Polycladids - Free Living Flatworms).  
  Phylum Nematoda, (Round worms).  
  Phylum Mollusca, (Molluscs).  
    Sub Phylum Conchifera,  
    Class Bivalvia, (Clams).  
    Class Scaphopoda, (Tusk shells).  
    Class Gastropoda, (Snails, Nudibranchs).  
    Class Cephalopoda, (Squid & Octopi).  
    Sub Phylum Placophora,  
    Class Polyplacophora, (Chitons).  
  Phylum Annelida, (Worms).  
    Class Clitellata, (Bristlel less worms).  

Sub Class Hirudinea, (Leaches).

    Class Polychaeta, (Marine worms).  
  Phylum Arthropoda, (Arthropods).  
    Sub Phylum Chelicerata, (Spiders and their kin).  
      Order Pycnogonida, (Seaspiders).  
    Sub Phylum Crustacea, (Crustaceans).  
    Class Malacostraca,  
      Sub Class Eumalacostraca,  
      Super Order Eucarida,  
      Order Decapoda, (Lobsters, crabs and shrimps).  
         Sub Order Pleocyemata  
          Infraorder Anomura, (Crabs, Hermit crabs and squat lobsters).  
          Infraorder Astacidea, (Lobsters and crayfish).  
          Infraorder Caridea, (Shrimps and prawns).  
      Order Euphasiacea, (Krill).  
      Super Order Peracarida,  
      Order Amphipoda, (Amphipods and skeleton shrimp/Capprellids).  
      Order Isopoda, (Isopods).  
      Order Mysidacea, (Mysid shrimp).  
      Sub Class Hoplocarida,  
      Order Stomatopoda, (Manthis shrimp).  
    Class Maxillopoda,  
      Sub Class Copepoda, (Copepods)  
  Phylum Echinodermata, (Echinoderms).  
    Sub Phylum Asterozoa, (Brittle stars and Star fish).  
    Class Stelleroidea,  

Sub Class Asterioidea, (Star fish).

    Sub Class Ophiuroidea, (Brittle stars).  
    Sub Phylum Crinozoa, (Feather Stars).  
    Class Crinoidea, (Feather Stars).  
    Sub Phylum Echinozoa, (Sea urchins and sea cucumbers).  
    Class Echinoidea, (Sea Urchins).  
    Class Holuthoridea, (Sea Cucumbers).  
  Phylum Bryozoa. (Bryozoans, Moss animals).  
  Phylum Chordata,  
    Sub Phylum Tunicata, (Sea Squirts).  
    Sub Phylum Vertebrata, (Vertebrates).  
    Super Class Agnatha, (Jawless vertebrates (fish)).  
    Class Cephalaspidomorphi, (Lampreys).  
    Class Myxini, (Hagfishes).  
    Super Class Gnathostomata, (Jawed vertebrates).  
    Class Mammalia, (Mammals).  
    Class Reptila, (Reptiles).  
    Class Aves, (Birds), (Ocean Birds).  
    Class Elasmobranchii, (Sharks & Rays).  
      Infraclass Batoidea, (Rays).  
          Order Pristiformes, (Sawfishes).  
          Order Rajiformes, (Skates).  
          Order Torpediniformes, (Electric Rays).  
      Infraclass Selachii, (Sharks).  
        Super Order Galeomorphi  
          Order Carcharhiniformes, (Ground and whaler Sharks).  
          Order Lamniformes, (Mackerel Sharks).  
          Order Orectolobiformes, (Carpet Sharks).  
        Super Order Squalomorphi  
          Order Hexanchiformes, (Cow Sharks).  
          Order Squaliformes, (Dogfish Sharks).  
          Order Squatiniformes, (Angel Sharks).  
    Class Holocephali, (Chimaera, Ratfish).  
    Super Class Osteichthyes, (Bony fishes).  

Class Actinopterygii, (Bony fishes).

      Infraclass Teleostei  
        Super Order Elopomorpha  
        Order Anguilliformes, (Morays and Eels).  
        Super Order Clupeomorpha  
        Order Clupeiformes, (Herrings and Anhovy).  
        Super Order Ostariophysi  
          Order Siluriformes, (The Catfishes).  
        Super Order Protacanthopterygii  
          Order Salmoniformes, (Salmon and trout).  
        Super Order Scopelomorpha  
          Order Aulopiformes, (Lizardfishes).  
        Super Order Paracanthopterygii  
          Order Gadiformes, (Codfishes).  
          Order Lophiiformes, (Anglerfishes).  
        Super Order Acanthopterygii  
        Series Atheriniformes  
          Order Beloniformes, (Needle fishes).  
        Series Percomorpha  
          Order Beryciformes, (Soldier, Squirrel, Lantern, and flashlight fishes).  
          Order Gasterosteiformes, (Sticklebacks and seamoths).  
          Order Zeiformes, (Dories, St. Peter fish).  
          Order Syngnathiformes, (Seahorses and pipefish).  
          Order Scorpaeniformes, (Sculpins, Lumpfishes etc.).  
          Order Perciformes  
            Suborder Percoidei, (Jacks, Snappers etc.).  
            Suborder Labroidei, (Wrasse, Parrot fish, Anemonefish etc.).  
            Suborder Zoarcoidei, (Eelpouts, Gunnels and Wolffishes).  
            Suborder Trachinoidei, (Weaver fish, star gazers).  
            Suborder Blennioidei, (Blennies, Triplefinns).  
            Suborder Gobiesociformes, (Clingfishes).  
            Suborder Gobioidei, (Gobies).  
            Suborder Callionymoidei, (Dragonets).  
            Suborder Mugiloidei, (Mullets)  
            Suborder Scombroidei, (Mackerels).  
          Order Pleuronectiformes, (Righteye and Lefteye Flounders).  
          Order Tetraodontiformes, (Triggerfishes, Filefishes, Boxfishes, Puffers and Porcupinefishes).

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